Seniorentheater SeTA
Divine Words
based on Rámon del Valle-Inclán






In “Divine Words”, the Seniorentheater in der Altstadt, aka SeTA, transport us back to rural Spain and its deep-seated atmosphere of Catholicism and superstition. Two families lie in clinch about a bizarre inheritance: drifter Juana la Reina has left behind her severely disabled son Laureano – a veritable goldmine in terms of the alms that he brings in at markets and at mass. Everyone wants to use him to make money and this properly upsets the family situation. This 1926 piece by Ramón Valle-Inclán is deeply rooted in Spanish folk theater. The bleakness and the hardship of humble rural life characterize the drama, as do the celebration of life and emancipation through inebriation and ecstasy. The senior citizens’ performance is a tragic-comical farce – sensual, rich, and poetic. “Divine Words” is the Seniorentheater’s first piece under new director Kathrin Sievers.

Fast-paced, succinct dialogue and not least of all the great joy of performing, which all 18 protagonists embody, brings alive the late 19th century Spanish comedy and its caustic perspective on the human soul.
Westdeutsche Zeitung, 21.10.16

Founded in 1989 by Ernest Martin and Wolfgang Caspar, Düsseldorf’s Seniorentheater in der Altstadt SeTA e.V. looks back on over 25 years of artistic commitment. With the help of professional directors, SeTA produces one new piece at FFT every year. SeTA’s world premiere of the piece “Silverday” by Almut Baumgarten (winner of the female playwright competition NRW 2009) met with much national acclaim. In addition, SeTA has shown its works in Paris, London and Berlin. The “Katzelmacher” production was invited FAVORITEN 2016. seta-duesseldorf.de
Seniorentheater SeTA

With: Bodo von Borries, Klaus Deutzmann, Brigitte Fieber, Lis Gansweid, Monika Hörmandinger, Willi- am Hodali, Helga Jüttner, Rolf Kaulmann, Brigitte König, Eugen König, Ulla Krummel, Rya Kühn, Gisela Lang, Hilde Nadolny-Everwyn, Angelika Niedhart, Gabriele Pickart Alvaro, Christine Platte, Roger Reade. Script and Directed by: Kathrin Sievers. Choreography: Marcus Grolle. Scenography: Anja Müller. Prompting: Hildegard Oberheid. Production Management: Gabriele Pickart Alvaro. Funded by the Cultural Department of the City of Düsseldorf, NRW Ministry for Families, Children, Young People, Culture and Sports, BürgerStiftung Düsseldorf, Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf, Stadtwerke Düsseldorf.